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Sea and land products are the basis of the Mazarrón gastronomy, tasty tomatoes and salted fish –roes, salted tuna, tuna and bonito-, two essential ingredients in our cuisine. Standout dishes are monkfish or grouper cooked in the Mazarrón traditional way, garlic tomato, hake balls and moragas of sardines.

Rice and clawed lobster

It is the star dish in the Mazarrón cuisine. Exquisite dish made with products from this land. The clawed lobster from the sea, the rice from Calasparra and tomatoes, onion and paprika pepper from Mazarrón.

Noodles with bonito

They are delicious. Easy preparation and fast cooking made with the most popular fish in this zone of the coast.

Cazuela (casserole) empaná

Mackerels (chub mackerel or mackerel) are the fish base. Seasoned with tomatoes from Mazarrón, onion, pepper, bay, parsley and paprika pepper.


It is a fish-based dish, similar to the fish rice dish from the Mar Menor (Minor Sea) replacing the rice for corn flour. Fish used for the broth is served as a second dish.

Lecha (Milt) a la espalda

This fish is common in the Bahía (Bay) de Mazarrón and it is the base for several dishes, lecha (milt) a la espalda is the most popular. It is cooked in the oven and then fried garlic and paprika are added.

Grouper in the Mazarrón traditional way

This fish is preferably cooked in the oven, with potatoes, peppers and tomatoes, seasoned with spices, pine nuts and olive oil.

Wrapped in onion

Cooked with salted cod, onions, black peppers, black olives, vinegar and new potatoes. Bonitos are fished in the Almendraba de la Azohía which is installed from March to August. This dish is seasoned with a sauce made of lightly fried tomatoes, peppers, mashed garlic and parsley and a bay leaf.

Rice and anchovies

A dish made with rice from Calasparra, anchovies, peas and served in broth.

Atasca burras

Made with desalted cod, tomatoes, black peppers and potatoes. This dish is mainly cooked at Christmas and Easter.

Salted fish

Popular since the Roman period. Fish has been cured and aired for more than 20 centuries. Bonito is the most popular, but albacores, bullets and blue-whitings are also salted. Fish roes are delicious but especially from bullets and bonito.

Garlic tomato

Dish made with raw fresh tomatoes and garlic seasoned with salt. It should be soaked for 4 hours.

Crumbs in the traditional way of Mazarrón

Put oil in a pan and fry some garlic. Next, take away half of the oil and add some bread, stir continuously using a wooden spoon and add the rest of oil as needed. Put entire garlic, bacon and sausages (cut into pieces) in a pan. They are added to the crumbs when almost cooked. Leave until cooked. "Torrijas de Bolnuevo" and "Herradura" are the most popular desserts, made with puff pastry and filled with angel hair paste; buns (made with lar) and alfajores and tortas de Pascua (east flat cakes), etc. at Christmas.

The bride’s cake

It is called like this because it is usually served in wedding receptions. It is made with sponge cake bathed in syrup and liquor and decorated with meringue.

Known Mazarrón

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