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Scene of the last almost untouched coastal stretches that holds the coast of Murcia.

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The environment that surrounds the Port of Mazarrón where the confluence of the sea, mountains and field, gives the place particular characteristics and a special appearance with some natural areas of great interest.

Our 35 km of coastline offers a variety of over 30 beaches and are one of the principal natural attractions of this area due to its special characteristics. Outstanding beaches are La Isla, Bahía, Nares, El Castellar and Bolnuevo. The coast of Mazarrón has a great number of unspoilt coves located in the foothills of the Sierra de las Moreras with a natural beauty that focuses not only on the physical environment that surrounds them, but also based on the depth of the sea. The clear blue sea has all kind of sub aquatic fauna and flora, and it is also possible to see and visit submarine caves. Coves that stand out are Cala Amarilla, La Grúa, Parazuelos, Covaticas, Percheles, etc., some forming part of other districts of Mazarrón.

Some landscapes, such as the Sierra de las Moreras and La Muela (Tiñoso Cape), are protected and the charm of these areas lies in the landscapes they present. Plant species such as thyme, rosemary, boja and other typical Spanish herbs can be found in these areas along with other typical fauna. Rabbits, hares, foxes, lizards and blackberries turtles, some of which are a protected species, can also be found in these areas. In the Sierras there are cliffs that give access to the coves and plateaus where former agricultural products were cultivated, and where you can still see the remains of old wells and the ruins of houses that were occupied until the 1970's. In this area, protected by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, it is forbidden to build or to till the land.

The "Erosiones of Bolnuevo" is one of Mazarrón's most attracctive places to visit. The wind and marine erosion, along with the special character of the fine white sand, have caused nature to create a spectacular landscape has been given the name "La Ciudad Encantada" wich translates into English as "The Enchanted City".

For those who wish to explore beneath the sea there are diving centres in the area, which will assist you to explore this fascinating underwater world.

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