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Mazarrón is the perfect place to practice the sport fishing.

With the aim to arrange the different uses within the various beaches, the Town Hall of Mazarrón approved in 2009 the legislation governing the different practices to be developed on the beaches; those include the fishing practice.

Because of the different quality programmes in which the municipality is included, as the Q of quality, the Blue Flag, etc., the local government has proceeded to issue a Decree based on Article 21 of the Municipal Ordinance for the use and benefit of the beaches, in which the current periods and schedules of fishing practice are defined.

Prohibited fishing zones until October, 1st:

"At all times of day, fishing is not allowed until October, 1st on the following beaches: Playa del Mojón; Playa del Gachero (Dog Friendly Beach); Playa del Rihuete; Playa del Puerto; Playa de Bahía; Playa de la Reya; Playa de Nares; Playa de las Moreras (Dog Friendly Beach); Playa de Covaticas (Dog Friendly Beach); Playa de Percheles; Playa de El Alamillo, Playa de El Castellar and Playa de Bolnuevo, with exception of three sections of these last 3 beaches where it shall be permitted. Beaches that in the future will join any of these quality projects will also be included in this group.

Subject to authorisation and in specific cases, Fishing Contests will be able to be realised on the beaches named above, excepting at the Dog Friendly Beaches.

Fishing zones regulated by hours:

Summer: From June, 1st until September, 30th from 22 pm to 7am, fishing is permitted to those who have the fishing licence or the federation licence required in force, on the following beaches: Playa Negra; Playa de La Isla; Playa de La Ermita; Playa de La Pava; Playa del Rincón y Playa de Piedra Mala.
On the El Alamillo beach, a section has been enabled between the beginning of the Dog Friendly Beach and the pedestrian walkway, placed opposite the 'Blue Flag Badge' sign. On the El Castellar beach between the beginning of the Dog Friendly Beach and the children's play area situated nearby to the hotel. At last, on the Bolnuevo beach, the new section has been enabled between the first-aid post located next to the campsite and the ravine Rambla de las Moreras.

Winter: 24 hours a day from October, 1st to May, 31st on the abovementioned beaches, provided that there are no bathers less than 50 meters of the fishing zone. The bathers take preference over the fishing practice.


1.- Get in or out of the water with a loaded speargun and its ground handling.
2.- Fishing during the Bonfires of San Juan and the Milagro de Bolnuevo festivities (Bolnuevo beach), and throughout other events organised by the Town Hall which may involve crowds at the beaches or coves.
3.-The ground handling of any fishing sport instruments which may entail a risk of harm for people.
4.- Fishing is banned at the Dog Friendly Beaches.

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