From Puntabela through the Coves of Bolnuevo to Playa de Percheles. Green tour

From Puntabela through the Coves of Bolnuevo to Playa de Percheles

Walking along mountains and ravines in the Green variant from the hiking tour from Puntabela through the Coves of Bolnuevo to the Percheles Beach.

If we want to realize the Green Route, we will leave the oval square along a paved road, parallel to the sea. The beach is down on left side and is known as “Rincón de Bolnuevo” (Corner of Bolnuevo). Two hundred metres further on, the pavement ends and the road forks in one ascending way and another one descending. The green-marked tour on the aerial image starts here, taking the ascending way on the right. If we want to make a circular walk through the Green Route and turn back by the Red one when both cross, we recommend beginning by the path on the right. This one has most of slopes. We recommend come back by the left side (red route), flatter and closer to the sea and the beaches.

We start up to the right (ascending way), some stony, but cars move through it. We wind the south hillside of “Sierra de las Moreras”, with some scattered houses. A climb continues with some occasional breaks, offering good views of the coves that we will visit later. We won’t have many difficulties regarding the direction because the way is obvious. Five hundred metres after the last house, the way forks into two paths: the left one surrounds the small hill and the right one overcomes it and the main way joins again behind the hillock. There’s a small distance difference between both, but the path on the left has better views.

Our way takes us to a place called “Picacho” (in Spanish ‘peak or summit’). A few hundred metres before arriving to a small white abandoned building, a sharply descending way appears on the left. We will continue that way till we reach a dry ravine called “Rambla del Picacho”, which will lead us to an often travelled roads’ intersection, slightly more than one kilometre. We arrived to the meeting point with the Red Route. We have three options to choose from here on:

A. Rightwards, the Red Route goes to the beach ‘La Grúa’ (be careful, is the second deviation on the left, 700m from here); to the beach of the ‘Hondón’: 2,8 km from here; to the beach of ‘Benzal’: 3,5 km from here; and finally to the beach of ‘Percheles’: 6,7 km from this place.

B. If we continue the ravine down, about 400m, we reach the beach ‘Amarilla’ (Yellow beach). On right side appears a path which is the blue-marked route on the aerial photo.

C. And leftwards, if we want to return to the beginning (30 min. more or less) doing with it a circular tour through the main way of Bolnuevo's coves (Red Route). Confusions are not possible. We will pass next to several coves: the largest and first one of them is “Cueva Lobos”, about 500 m.


From Puntabela through the Coves of Bolnuevo to Playa de Percheles

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